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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 3, 2014 3:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> okay, well his bid? case you're wondering might include oprah also. she has given show audience cars. what would she give an employee? >> she would get a lot of eyes and publicity and goes a long way and that will get you paid. >> i agree with that one. music and show biz insider david geffen is another possibly. worth more than $5 billion. >> i would like that. i would like him. he would be cool. >> so you're going to be here and people, i guess, you guys can all tweet don and let him know your pick for the night, right? see if anybody agrees with you on oprah or anybody else? >> i'm not just sloughing off here. i have an outfit i'm going to change into. >> you're handling the correspondents dinner. >> i will be wear a tux late. >> pretty fancy. do you have time like in a commercial break? >> wait until you see who is the opening announcer. >> okay. >> should i tell? >> no.
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>> very excited. >> big secret. everybody, that's it for me tonight. don will take over for our special coverage of the white accordance dinner. >> make sure you watch. and you too. ♪ i'm don lemon. good evening. these people are free after for several weeks. they went to check on the situation in ukraine. in nigeria more than 200 girls are being held hostage. demonstrators from london to new york rallied today to call for their freedom. we are going to take you inside a global push to help these girls. make sure you stay tuned for that. and in los angeles, the clippers are gearing up for a game seven of the playoffs. this after owner donald sterling dominated headlines this week for racist remarks leaked to the
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media. we have new comments from sterling and the woman, and the woman who leaked his remarks. or is accused of leaking his remarks. a very real possibility of a civil war in ukraine and that borders russia. towns were overrun by armed separatists who believe those towns should be russians. this is happening not on the border but more than 150 miles into ukraine. it's after midnight in ukraine now. government leaders are promising that active military operations will continue when the sun comes up. dozens of civilians and separatists have been killed in the fighting so far and people who live in the region are being told to stay in their homes for safety. as i said a minute ago a team of military monitors from the osce was taken hostage more than a week ago but they are now free. they were held against their will by ukrainian separatists
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who are trying to take over their cities and their towns. on the phone with me now is michael bossercue. a spokesman for the organization of safety and cooperation in europe. thank you for joining us. the condition of your colleagues who were released today, were any of them hurt? >> hi don. thank you for asking. of course, we are delighted that they are free and they are fine. they are actually on their way to their home country as we special. the osce played a important role in talking to their captors in seven days under very difficult conditions. we were able to receive them today and bring them back here and now they are on their way home. so very tlitdelighted they are now. >> who let them go and did the separatists make any demands? >> our understanding it was an
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unconditional release. we know we had quite an intense series of talks over the past few days. sometimes those talks lasted for hours but it was quite a sudden release. we started getting word of it maybe about 24 hours ago is that they are free and healthy. >> will the osce advise retaliation against these hostage takers? >> no. i mean, our main role here is to work towards deescalation. the way we do that is by reporting factually what is happening on the ground and also bringing people to the table to work towards this reconciliation. i can tell you, don, that today we reported that over the last 24 hours the situation in the southern and eastern parts of ukraine have worsened quite significantly and this included, for example, the reporting of manned anti-aircraft type of
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equipment in the eastern part of ukraine around sylviaance. this represents an escalation because of this type of equipment hasn't been used up until now. the worsening situation in o odessa where over 40 people died last night. >> do you feel safe? >> i still have my colleagues. we have about 150 of them and going every day. we face challenges every day and more and more road blocks such as armed men at checked points but we feel the osce plays a very key role in trying to, as much as, keep the region stabilized. we are getting closer and closer to the may 25th presidential elections and it's very important this take place in a safe manner. >> now that you have people watching in the united states and around the world, what should people know about the conditions there? >> people should know that the worse thing that could happen
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right now is that deescalation continue. there's lots of many different demands being made and told on our monitors on the ground. so it's very important as our head of mission said today that maximum restraint be used by all parties and that these elections happen in a very free and fair manner. it's a very volatile situation and we are hoble fhoping for deescalation as soon as possible. >> thank you for joining us. people in cities around the world are demanding to help rescue 223 girls who were kidnapped from their boarding school in nigeria more than two weeks ago. >> that is london. that is where people chanted not for sale. it's believed militant islamist group kidnapped the girls into
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sex slavery but so far the authorities have failed to rescue the girls and calling for an international outcry. >> our eyes are watching! >> barack obama! our eyes are watching! to the u.n.! our eyes are watching! >> our eyes are watching! >> that is the scene from a rally in new york where cnn's rosa flores was earlier today. she joins us live. this story is catching on social media and people around the world are wondering what is happening to these girls? they believe they want to kidnap them to sell them into sex slavery, right? but they do not want any western influence so they may have kidnapped so they do not go to school. they don't believe in girls going to school. >> a global story going on everywhere. a parents worst nightmare to send your daughter to school and
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never to see her again because your daughter has been kidnapped. so we have been seeing these dems in different cities. you're seeing the one in new york but other demonstrations in washington, d.c., also in london. here is what we know about this. borno reportedly went into this school into the dorm room and took these girls at gunpoint and took them into a forest and selling them for about $1 and forcing them into islam and marrying them off. these parents as you imagine are very frustrated. they are scared. they are afraid. they feel helpless because they haven't been able to do anything really to try to go get them from wherever they are. >> some of the families tried to go into the forest and told to turn around because the conditions were terrible and it was so dangerous. no now they feel like they don't have any recourse in finding their children. >> what do you do to get them?
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you can't do an air strike because you put the girls in danger. how do you good into these areas of the forest where they are really not familiar with the area and the terrain so it puts the girls in danger again. boko haram means sin. they want women not in the education system. they want women inside the home taking care of children and of their husbands. that is one of the reasons why they target schools in particular so it's so disturbing in so many ways. >> we will be following this story. our international unite has been on top of this for weeks. thank you, rose isrosa flores. we are learning more from the woman who recorded donald sterling make those racist
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remarks. v. stiviano says she doesn't believe donald sterling is a racist at heart but what should he do now? >> do you think that donald sterling should apologize? >> absolutely. >> did you discuss this with him? >> yes. >> will he apologize? >> only god knows. >> how does she describe her relationship with sterling after revealing that damaging phone conversation? stiviano says she is indispensable. >> mr. sterling's right hand m arm, man, i'm mr. sterling everything. i'm his confidant, his best friend, his silly rabbit. >> his what? >> his silly rabbit. >> silly rabbit? >> yes. >> reporter: is that what he calls you?
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>> no. i joke around and i make him laugh. i do things that some people find very silly. >> how are you, sir? >> i'm with barbara. his what? that clearly didn't satisfy barbara waurlts who pressed stiviano on her relationship with sterling. among other things she brought up the age difference. she sees sterling as a father figure but denies romantic involvement. >> reporter: donald sterling is in his 80s. you are in your 30s? >> yes, i'm 31. >> reporter: and you're a beautiful young woman. so i'm not sure that i understand the relationship. >> well, i'm mr. sterling's personal assistant. like i said i'm his right hand. i'm his wing man. what isn't there to understand? >> reporter: well, let me ask this. do you and donald sterling have a financial arrangement? you say you're his assistant.
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does he pay you? >> yes. >> reporter: he pays you as an employee? >> at first, he started paying me as an employee and then he started paying me off the books. >> now sterling wishes he had, quote, just paid her off. that is what ed. he said that in an interview with dejoure magazine breaking his silence about the scandal. sterling is banned from the nba because of those racist remarks and owners are meeting next week to force him to sell the team. clippers play game seven tonight in the first round of the playoffs so stay tuned for that. hollywood has the oscars but the spotlight tonight is on washington, d.c. for its most glamorous night of the year and i'm talking about the correspondents dinner. for one night only, d.c. elite will rub shoulders are hollywood's hottest stars including our very own nischelle
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turner. >> the entire cast of "modern family" and scandal and hots of heavyweights are blending and it's a fun night what is called the nerd prom and i'm geeking out so there you go. >> we will geek out more after the break.
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elbows with celebs and poking fun at whatever they can along the way. joining me now is our political commentator right here mr. mark lamont hill and also ben ferguson is going to join me as well and him telling me to move the prompter up. ben, is there a crisis in ukraine and dozens of girls missing in nigeria. the search for bodies on the malaysian airline and ukraine and all kind of stuff. this dinner often pokes fun at world events but, i mean, what is funny? >> certainly those things are not going to be funny and i hope the president and everybody else is able to take a little bit of a break tonight and relax for a while. it's been a stressful couple of months whether it be the intense rain and then we had snow and blizzards before that. everything else you just described certainly what is going on in ukraine and i'm sure everyone has their thoughts on that a little bit but tonight is one of those nights, like you said the nerd prom. its everyone that works in politics is actually cool for a
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night in washington, d.c. and everybody wants this ticket and it's become so popular that even the stars from hollywood have a hard time getting in which is like the ultimate irony of all of this! it's kind of a fun night. >> then why aren't you there? >> somebody has to be here! >> stand by, mark. hold on a second. there is always turmoil whenever there is a white house correspondents dinner. there is wolf blitzer. is that diane lane? nischelle turner, we are live now! we want to get in on the conversation. >> we are live now. i know you want in on the conversation so give us one second. >> oh, okay! >> reporter: it's don lemon. >> are we live on cnn? >> we are! >> wow. can you believe we are live on cnn? very exciting. >> wolf's date is diane lane. i need to move out of the way so you all can see this. come on! give me a break. diane, we were talking about how wolf gets great dates but what
3:19 pm
is it like to be here with wolf? he is a bit of a rock star himself. >> i know. i was hearing about his we repertoire and he is impressive. he never has to audition because he is always perfect for his roles. >> i always play myself. >> tell me this. can we bring in just a little bit? i'm connected here, guys. >> i know. it's crazy. >> who has the most fascination with each other? the political world with hollywood or hollywood are the political world? >> i would say hollywood with the political world. certainly lately it's just a free for all in terms of being inspired. there's so much controversy all the time. so it's a lot to cook with in the kitchen of hollywood. >> wolf, what about you? what do think? >> i love hollywood and i love motion pictures and i love washington. i love politics and i love everything. i'm a greedy guy. i want it all. >> i have to ask you. did wolf give you an earful about his washington wizards on the way over here? this man has been on cloud nine
3:20 pm
because his wizards won a playoff series! >> it's early in the evening. we will have plenty of time for that. >> he will be checking it on his phone under the table, i have a feeling, right? >> besides wolf blitzer, anybody in there you want to get in their ear tonight? >> i will be so star-struck with all of the politicians i will finally get to see in person. i'm most excited because i do believe i have an opportunity to meet mr. and mrs. obama tonight so i'm just beside myself. >> you don't get better than that. have a wonderful time. you look beautiful. wolf, you look dapper. >> thank you very much. >> don lemon, do you have a question? >> they said interrupt her and tell her! don't be snipping at me, girl! >> i can hear you, don lemon. i'm listening to your melodic voice! >> ask wolf what is doing. >> don wanted me to ask you how are you feeling? >> i feel strong. i feel very strong. i feel very lucky that i have a great date here at the white
3:21 pm
house accordance associations dinner area we are going to have a good time, right? >> there you go. >> we are. >> you guys have a wonderful evening. thank you so much. what do you think about that? wolf blitzer and diane lane. >> the reason i asked him is if you've ever been on wolf's show which michael hill has been o you've been on, what he says in a commercial break, he'll ask you, he'll say, thanks for joining me on the show, how are you feeling? are you feeling strong? you feeling strong? right? >> you look great, nischelle turner. don't get mad at me. there is susan malveaux with chuck schumer and bobby from dallas, patrick duffy, that's right. can she hear us? >> what was that conversation like? >> we got everybody there. we still have nischelle turner? >> i have morgan spurlock here. how are you, morgan? we have been having a good time here already. this is what they call nerd
3:22 pm
prom. >> i met the whole cast outside and i had to get a picture with them. i was so excite. >> it really is nerd prom. all of us journalists, i cover the entertainment industry so i do interact a little bit but i'm a nerd at heart. i get excited about the political folks in the room. >> there is chuck schumer! what is up, chuck? >> they are rock stars to me and wolf blitzer is the biggest rock star around. >> he is. when you see movie stars are so excited to meet wolf blitzer, it restores my faith in humanity. >> you were at a special screening with robert de niro the other night. he is going to be here tonight. when you're in the presence of like an a-list actor like that, come on. >> it's intimidating. it's one of those somebody you watch so long and seen it on the screen so many times you're afraid to talk to him but is he is a wonderful, warm guy. a beautiful night last night. >> if everybody can come into this room and get along tonight
3:23 pm
and really have a great time why can't they do it 364 other days of the year? i-with you. tonight anything is possible. you got incredibly brilliant people who aren't that attractive in d.c. and very attractive enough and smart people in l.a. and get them together and they should just make babies and save the world. >> i love it! kareem abdul-jabbar walked in. if you saw me shift, a tall individual is over your shoulder! >> i saw the eclipse there for a second! >> morgan, thank you so much. yes, don? >> i know it's tough on the red carpet but behind you is barbara walters. i would love to see if you could ask her about her interview the other night. >> sure. absolutely. i will try. >> you see kareem? >> he is over to my left and barbara walters to my right. can we get barbara for one second so second? she's in the middle of something. >> miss walters, could we get
3:24 pm
miss walters really quick? miss walters, we are live on cnn, could we get you really quick? we are live right now. can we get her right now? okay, i understand. you know live tv. thank you, ma'am! >> that's how you do it! >> i have to ask you the burning question. your interview with v. steve an know. number one, how did you get it? because everybody is wanting that. >> i think she wanted to do it. i think she wanted to be heard. i think she feels there has been a lot of bad things said about her and this was her chance to show that she was intelligent and she wasn't a little bunny which is what she calls herself. >> a silly rabbit? >> a silly rabbit. i heard you say what when she said that. it seemed like she was careful with what she was saying. did you get that feeling? >> i think she was very careful but i think it's important for her to have people know she was
3:25 pm
wearing the visor so that people wouldn't really see her and now she felt she wanted to speak out. she also said that she thought that sterling should apologize. he didn't while i was there. >> reporter: did you believe her when she said she didn't think he was a racist? >> i asked her what her opinion was. that was her opinion. >> reporter: there was a report out that you were also supposed to do an interview with donald sterling and he backed out. is that true? >> no. had never been confirmed so it isn't that he stood me up. he just he didn't do any interviews. he was going to and then wasn't going to and thought he might and now no lawyer. she is his number one adviser so she decided to take her own advice and do the interview. >> i think they are waiting for you. i appreciate it. may 16th is barbara walters day in new york. has it sunk in? >> i'm going to abolish all taxes. >> thank you very much, miss
3:26 pm
walters. there you go, don. >> you are the best, nischelle turner. that is tough to do with handlers trying to get her to other interviews and who knows if she wants to talk. >> she says she understands live tv and i'm going to the live camera first so kudos to her for that. >> anybody else you got? >> kareem is here on my right. a little packed in here. then there is tooed show folks. kareem is on my left and "today" folks on my right. richard marks is behind me with barbara walters. >> on the right of your screen you're seeing judy smith who is the real life olivia. go ahead. let's talk to richard marx. tell him i said "hold on to the night." >> don lemon made a corny joke. "hold on to the night" he told me. >> it's not corny. i wrote that. that's not corny!
3:27 pm
>> richard marx doesn't know this but theme to my high school prom was "right here waiting". >> really? your whole class would be waiting there for you? "hold on to the night." but it's cool. awesome. >> absolutely. >> you're here at what is called the nerd prom. are you geeking out at all yet? >> no, just sort of hanging out. i've never been here before. thrilled to be invited. i'm a big fan of joel's who is going to do a great job, i'm sure. yeah, i'm here to hang out and have fun. >> it is so interesting to me because it's like political pundits and hollywood heavyweights and everybody blending and having weird mix of fun that you don't know how it works. it just kind of does. >> i've already run into like ginger zee and a xup people i know because i have done many charity events where i've had news people perform with my band to raise money for cystic
3:28 pm
fibrosis so i've gotten to know a lot of people in the news media and bring out their inner rock star so i've run into a couple of them tonight so it's like old home week for me. >> if you could take a selfie with anyone tonight, who would that be? >> a selfie with anyone? i just passed kimberly and she is pretty gorgeous so i would do a selfie -- not a selfie but a two-some! >> yeah, because if you're with someone else, i always wonder that. why do we call them sellies? you're not by yourself any more. >> it's a selfie because you took it yourself but if she is in it with me, it's a two-some so i'd like to do a two-fi with kimberly. >> this is an interesting night for me and don and everyone here. when you get these kind of combinations with hollywood and politics it's neat. i just saw barbara walters and
3:29 pm
patrick duffy hugging. >> you'll never see that again. >> patrick duffy is right here. richard, have a great time here. >> richard marx does not age, does he? >> not at all. >> i am close and his skin is really good. >> is patrick duffy talking to somebody? >> we will try. patrick, can we get you real quick? he is talking to "inside edition." hi, dana bash. >> let's talk to her! >> how are you? >> hi, spencer. yes, indeed, you guys make a lovely couple. i have to give dana bash her dues. you look phenomenal. >> thank you. >> are you geeking out yet here at the nerd prom? >> are you kidding? i've been geeking out for days. this is the best thing in the world, right? >> no. it really is fun. i just said when you see kind of the combinations that happen here that is what is the best for me. >> it's the strangest collection together. it's wonderful. it's like a big crazy salad of people. >> it is. and that blend mixing. >> it does. >> he is a political junkie.
3:30 pm
he comes here every day. >> who has the most statifascin with the other? >> i think it's a little bit of both. i think a mutual admiration society. i geeked out the other night over leon weasel who is here and a writer at "the new republic." you don't get to see that walking down sunset boulevard in los angeles. >> spencer and dana, get your geek on tonight and have a good time. you look fabulous. >> jay is taking care of me, don, back here. he is the camera man. >> you are hilarious and dana looks amazing and you do too. a tough crowd you have out there. looks like everybody is rushing in to get ready to start the dinner. >> can you see the sweat beads? >> you look amazing. you know what we are going to do? because we haven't taken a break in a long time. just so the views know, complete transparency here.
3:31 pm
in the meeting i said that you and suzanne are my angels so i wanted an old school speaker phone like charlie and i would say, angels, who is on the red carpet? this is charlie! >> i'm glad that was vetoed. >> are you glad they said no? >> yes. >> all right, i'm sure. do we still have ben ferguson there as well? no ben? >> yes. >> ben, are you geeking out? are you excited? >> i'm telling you, this is the only place that actually wolf blitzer can actually be the hot ticket for a hollywood stars tonight! this is like revenge of every guy that ever went and studied hard in college and it's like, so, wait, who wants to go with me tonight? seriously! in what world does this happen? i love it. >> we are sitting here going, don't hate. with that said, we will be right back. >> i love it! imstyle led bulb. beautiful quality light with a slim design, at a slim price.
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we are covering the white house correspondents dinner as long as other news around the world. lae let's get to our red carpet. i think suzanne malveaux is with someone. do we have it? no? >> are we live? >> yeah. >> there it is. do you hear me? >> reporter: yeah, don. >> tell scott i said hello. it's don. >> reporter: our anchor don lemon says hello. we were talking a moments ago the program that everybody talks about the spying. >> the b-16. >> whether or not we think that is possible that could happen. >> i hope not. although i never say never these days. we have learned on the show that you can make something up and three or four months later, it actually shows up in the news. so i hope there's not an agency out there like b-613. i hope it's the cia and fbi rolled into one and set on fire. >> reporter: what do you make of the fact that -- are just
3:36 pm
fascinating with this show and it's so incredible. nobody thought that the white house could be be that scandalous or sexy. >> i think it's great. as an actor you always want to be on a show doing something that is relevant and relatable and it's fun with us and coming to an event like this, obvious that a ton of people really enjoy the show. a great feeling. >> did you meet the president and first lady when you were at the white house? >> i wasn't at the white house. i got a private tour with my wife and we had a great time but i did not get to meet the president or first lady or their children. you never know. again, i'm never say never. >> great to see you. >> thanks. >> reporter: take care. thanks again. >> scott foley. where did that airplane did go with him and olivia? that's what i want to know. >> reporter: he wouldn't tell us! >> he wouldn't tell you? >> reporter: oh, my gosh. valerie jarrett! >> i made it!
3:37 pm
i'm here! >> reporter: so many people from "scandal" are here and it's so much fun. >> they are great. >> reporter: they are making it so much more interesting. every year, this attracts more celebrities. >> i know. >> reporter: and more fun. >> it's a great gathering. what we can do together. it's just a great evening. looking forward to it. >> reporter: can you give us a little preview from the president what we are expecting to hear? i know he's got something cooking. he always has something up his sleeve. >> he does. >> reporter: trying to be funnier than the year before. >> i will not get ahead of him but i will tell you he is quite amusing and perfect timing and i've only read it and i can't to see him deliver it. >> reporter: what do you make of "house of cards" and "scandal" people obsess over these shows. >> they are great shows and i watch all three of them and delighted to have the cast here and a part of this celebration. a fun night. enjoy. >> reporter: thank you, valerie. appreciate it.
3:38 pm
>> suzanne, thank you. we will get back. i see you've got a bunch of celebrities. looks like they are waiting in cue for you! >> reporter: we got it like that. it just happened. it just started! we will bring that to you. we will bring more. >> we will see you in a bit. we have been talking to the famous. let's talk about the infamous. the donald sterling controversy may have cost someone else a job. an exclusive interview and talk to a los angeles social media manager who says his boss canned him. i want to read you some of josh olen's tweets. then he said this. when you were raised in an era where segregation was perceived as right, that will stick with some people and it doesn't make him a monster. after canned, olin said i will remind you my remarks were in
3:39 pm
condemnation of media and support of one's privacy and not in support of sterling's actions. joining me now is josh olin who is in los angeles. josh, you say part of your job description was to stir up conversations and you got canned. so why did your boss fire you? >> right. west that's a great question and that is a question that i am still waiting for a more solid answer on. i can tell you that it seems i wasn't just fired for exercising my constitutional rights. i was fired for supporting the mere existence of constitutional rights. i, mize, wasn't on some sort of controversial tear on social media. i was trying to point "out even donald sterling have these rights no matter how controversial. like the rights to privacy and in his own home. >> how did they fire you? did they call you up or bring you in? what happened? >> it wasn't even that grateful. i just sort of -- i work all the time. i work at home, you know, in the morning before i go into the office and when my e-mail
3:40 pm
stopped working and i had read the sensational headline that broke about my tweets, that is kind of what gave me the indication. >> here is how your former employer, your company responded. they said the comments made by our former community manager stand in contrast to our values as a game development studio. we sincerely apologize for his remarks and no way support or endorse those views. >> right. >> so you say that the sterling controversy is about privacy. why did you died to weigh in publicly on the sterling scandal? i mean, did you give up your privacy when you made public comments on twitter? >> yeah. and that is, you know, that is part of my job. like you had mentioned to stir up conversation, to participate in conversations of national and global scale, not just pertaining to the products i'm working on. and so in so doing that, i clearly had certain people misinterpret my tweets. anybody who knows twitter you can only cram a certain amount of messages -- certain amount of
3:41 pm
words into each message so i had to send a series of those messages and, unfortunately, you know, a journalist in the games media space wanted to sensationalalize that and make it sound like i was supporting racism or bigotry when i clearly don't. that is kind of the misleading -- >> are you a contracted employee? do you have a contract? >> no, no. i understand that a company has the right to terminate somebody for exercising their first amendment rights. i was trying to represent the fact that those rights do exist to donald sterling. >> okay. so here is the thing, josh. i don't want you to go anywhere but i want you to ponder this, you and the viewers. everyone has a right to free speech just like donald sterling and just like josh, but then people have a right to react as well to that free speech and they can exercise their free speech which your company did
3:42 pm
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3:45 pm
okay. a lot going on here. we have the -- i have not to say the white house christmas party! the white house correspondents dinner. suzanne is talking to joe morton
3:46 pm
now from "scandal." our nischelle turner is interviewing -- now we are told a winner in the kentucky derby and it's california chrome who was won the kentucky derby and commanding kerve ining curve i and danza is three. don't go anywhere with a live report from the kentucky derby. we learned that the nba and the clippers will appoint a ceo for the day-to-day operations. the l.a. clippers owner has been banned by the nba. we talk about privacy issues. join me is mark lamont hill and ben ferguson and josh olin who said he got fired over his tweets on the skerterling scand. ben, first to you. did josh deserve to get fired
3:47 pm
over his remarks? >> the company has the right to fire him and they decided the way he phrased in using the words he was a victim did not sit very well with them. in radio and tv, don, you know this. you can say about anything you want to one time for sure and after that, if your employers sgrooe with it and think it's outside the box of the gaming world owner claiming a guy who says something like this is a victim you have the right to say that but repercussions with companies when you say certain things. it >> right. >> should they have fired him? mark, you and i talked about this and we have been exchanging with people on social media. free speech comes with consequences. yes, there is a question about him and his privacy of his own home. but supposedly she was his archivis archivist. should he have been fired? >> i hate to say it but he should have been fired if the company so chooses. even if i agree with what josh
3:48 pm
said but the point he made it publicly and said it wasn't a political statement he was making but it is a political statement when you say don sterling is a victim. that is his choice. i don't think he is advocating bigotry but a response to bigot rain okay for people say i don't want to stand next to people or employee people with this perspective. >> the reason i asked you josh if you had a contract. i'm sure in the contract that i have or ben has with this company it says if you bring any undue, you know, publicity to the company a morality clause they have a right to fire you for it. that company didn't want the kind of publicity you brought to them so they have every right to fire you. you just think they just went over the line? >> exactly. having the right to fire somebody doesn't make it right and, additionally the context in which i was making those tweets is something that i think more employers need to understand a
3:49 pm
little bit better especially when you're talking about employeees like myself who have to put themselves out there and have to be involved in these national discussions, sometimes controversial ones, for the sake of extending that reach of their message which will eventually come back around. i would as sort of a parting thought point that, you know, i think that the controversy that has stirred up surrounding my termination has been far worse than any controversy that was starting around my initial -- >> wait. >> you said that donald sterling -- >> hang on, hang on. say that again to make sure we get it. say it again. >> the controversy surrounding my firing has been far worse than the controversy around my initial statements which were, you know, confined to a single sort of sensational headline from a, in my opinion, an irresponsible journalist. >> quickly. >> that might be true but in this conversation even if it's a
3:50 pm
bigger one the company is able to say, look. we distance ourselves from someone who said that donald sterling is not a monster despite saying racist names and having discriminatory housing problems et cetera. they are willing to separate themselves and okay to do that. whether you're right or not isn't the point. they have a right to say we don't want to be next to people who have your perspective. >> ben? >> i think saying that donald sterling is a victim is the part that probably got you in trouble, because most people look at him and say, you had this woman over here outside of your marriage on top of that, you're paying her a bunch of money to hang out with you, she records a conversation, i don't think that is a definition after victim when you say something like this. don't say something like this and you wents be a victim. >> josh, we don't mean to beat up on you. >> wire tapping. >> this is not a legal wiretapping. we still don't know if she recorded him legally or illegally that is the point. >> moral breach of privacy. >> we don't know that. we don't even know if she leaked
3:51 pm
it so we don't really know. we don't mean to beat you up but that is, you know, you're a big boy. all right? we will be right back. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ hooking up the country helping business run ♪ ♪ trains! they haul everything, safely and on time. ♪ tracks! they connect the factories built along the lines. and that means jobs, lots of people, making lots and lots of things. let's get your business rolling now, everybody sing. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ helping this big country move ahead as one ♪ ♪ norfolk southern how's that function? ♪
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3:55 pm
carpet at the white house correspondents dinner. lots of folks. as a matter of fact will i. am is talking to hur very own suzanne malveaux. more after this break.
3:56 pm
3:57 pm
3:58 pm
it's kind of the top of the hour. we have two and a half minutes or so before the top of the hour. or is that three minutes? i'm not good at math. but, listen. we are following the white house correspondents dinner. our special coverage is going to begin in full in 60 minutes of the white house correspondents dinner. it's a magic night for reporters in washington. they get to fawn over the elite and rub shoulders with the celebrities and politicians in power. did you notice the sarcasm in my voice? i'm not hating because i'm not there. >> in a little bit. >> actually, i'm not. oh, my god, i love your work! you look beautiful! whatever. an annual event where no one is safe from light hearted verbal jabs. listen. everybody gets to snarky tonight. the president will be too, right? joining me now is nischelle turner. >> do you see me fanning myself? >> no, we didn't see you fanning yourself. plus we have our national correspondent suzanne malveaux,
3:59 pm
a former white house correspondent herself. she just wrapped up an interview with you can see there, his ear, that is his shoulder. she just interviewed him. we start with you. who are the big names in attendance this year? >> oh, my gosh. i can run down a whole bunch of them. but definitely, i mean, there are definitely a-list stars here. the whole cast of "scandal" is here and i'm a little bit of a sports geek so i just got done interviewing both cam newton and tim tebow and andrew luck so i was in a little bit of seventh heaven here and freida pinto. she looked gorgeous and didn't stop to talk to the cameras but went on in. if that gives you any idea like you said suzanne just interviewing
4:00 pm
i just spoke to senator mccain and meghan mccain. a great time when the two blend and see what they come up with at the end of the night. >> miss turner, what about tim tebow say? i said if you're wondering what tim tebow is doing now he is not an nfl quarterback, what is he doing and what did he say to you? >> he is trying to take your job, don lemon. he is now a media type and he is working for espn and the white house press corps is coming in behind me so that means the president is not far behind. tim tebow is a media type and working at espn doing commentating for the s.e.c. network there. we were talking a little bit about hollywood's new fascination with faith and faith-based films that are really doing well that never were much of a brand of hollywood before. but now we are starting to see a difference and a change. so, you know, tim is a man of faith so we were definitely
4:01 pm
talking about that. >> what about mr. newton? what did he have to say for himself? >> well, he just had surgery and i said, cam newton in a boot. he is walking around in a walking boot which carolina panthers fans really won't be happy to see but he said that he would be ready for the start of the season. he was excited to be here tonight. and he didn't -- he didn't waiver when i asked him who he would pick for the number one pick in the draft. he said sammy watkins who is a wide receiver because carolina needs receivers. so we will have to see if that happens, don. >> i did see you interviewing john mccain. >> reporter: yes. >> there is a weird intersection between hollywood and the political that is happening tonight. when we first started the show, we said we got ukraine and the girls in nigeria and all of this going on with donald sterling. what is to laugh at? there is always crisis in the world and controversy when this dinner happens. did he talk about any of that? >> reporter: yeah, he did.
4:02 pm
it was interesting. because i asked him does he try to put all of the politic aside? he said, yes. i reach out to my friends across the aisle and just try to have a good time tonight. i also asked him, you know, if there was anybody, hollywood type that he would like to meet and he said he definitely would like to meet the cast of "house of cards," because he had some ideas how to kill senators! it was a pretty funny line! we did talk about ukraine because that is a very serious situation. there are still some very heavy issues that are being discussed and that are happening in washington right now. let's take a listen if we can on his answer of what is going on in ukraine right now. take a listen. >> we don't have it. >> reporter: i will tell you what he did say. if you'd like. i asked him that, you know, now new sanctions had been leveled on russia and the president came out and said that earlier. i asked him what he thought
4:03 pm
about that. he said that sanctions are a joke. he told me that he feels like that the ukrainians need to be armed. they want to fight and they want to protect themselves and that is a step to take. i said is the president in a no-win situation? because we are a war weary nation and no one wants to see that? he agreed. he said no one wants to see boots on the ground but there is a difference between having a war and then doing nothing and he feels like, at this point, the president is closer to the nothing side than he is to anything else. so he definitely said there were things that could be done without putting boots on the ground to help the situation further. i asked him if he had spoken with the president about it and he told me absolutely not. the president did not want to hear what had he to say on this matter. i asked him would he be open to talking to him and he said, listen, i've talked to the president several times about a lot of things and he just doesn't want to hear what i have to say on this matter. >> don't go anywhere. i have one more question for you. i want to tell our viewers if you're just tuning in this isn't cnn where you're watching correspondent, whatever.
4:04 pm
we are a little bit fluid tonight because we are covering the white house correspondent dinner and covering a lot of other stories. we are talking about with our correspondent there, or entertainment correspondent nischelle turner about this intersection of hollywood meets politics tonight. and in one of those that was your interview just a moment ago with barbara walters because you were interviewing someone else. i forget who you were talking to. i said barbara walters is behind you. you don't have eyes in the back of your head and yimmediately talked to her. let's listen and then we can talk about it. >> reporter: i got to ask you the burning question. your interview with v. stiviano. number one, how did you get it? because everybody is wanting that. >> i think she wanted to do it. >> reporter: you do? >> i think she wanted to be heard. i think she feels that there have been a lot of bad things said about her and this was her chance to show what -- that she was intelligent, that she wasn't a little bunny which is what she
4:05 pm
calls herself. >> reporter: a silly rabbit is what she said. it seemed like she was careful with what she was saying. did you get that feeling? >> i think she was careful but i think it was very important for her to have people know her and that she was wearing the visor so people wouldn't really see her and now she felt she wanted to speak out. she also said that she thought that sterling should apologize. he didn't while i was there. >> reporter: did you believe her when she said that she didn't think he was a racist? >> i asked her what her opinion was and that was her opinion. >> reporter: there was a report out that you were also supposed to do an interview with donald sterling and he backed out. is that true? >> no, it had never been confirmed so it isn't that he stood me up. he just -- he didn't do any interviews. he was going to, then he wasn't going to and thought he might and he -- and no lawyer and she is his number one adviser so she decided to take her own advice
4:06 pm
and do the interview. >> i think they are waiting for you. i appreciate it. may 16th is barbara walters day in new york. has it sunk in? >> isn't that nice? no, i will abolish all taxes. >> thank you very much, miss walters. >> that is probably the biggest story this week. barbara walters got the get and you got to interview her. what did you make of her comments? >> i thought it was interesting when you watched the interview with v. stiviano. we all know barbara walters is the gold standard and she will press you. i thought she was very direct with her. i did feel like that v. talked around a lot of issues. i did think it was very interesting and telling that she said very quickly she did not think donald sterling was racist. i am not sure what i made of the interview with her, to be honest. i'm not sure what i made of the interview with her and what i think of her. i mean, i think that she was very careful and i asked barbara
4:07 pm
that with her wording. i think that she didn't really give much, put it like that. go ahead. >> we have the same reaction to barbara when she said he called me his silly rabbit and barbara goes, his what? and you said the same thing. >> i think we all did. his silly rabbit? this story has so many layers, don. and there's so much to peel back from it and i don't know if there is anybody with clean hands in this story, so it's just really interesting because all of the players, it is like a hollywood script that is being written right in front of us. >> nice job. we will get back to you. i've been enjoying it. i want to sit there and watch you interview everybody on the red carpet. good get with barbara walters. nice interview. >> reporter: thank you. >> dan is from "scandal" with our very own suzanne malveaux. take it away! >> reporter: don it's amazing when you talk to all of these
4:08 pm
folks here and we are talking about intersection of politics and journalists and all of this. you're playing the reporter on "scandal" who is married to the chief of staff and doesn't get any more scandalous and connected than that. >> i feel like to play the press secretary of an administration and then to be spoiler alert murdered in that role, it is an exciting time both somebody who played a fictional white house staffer and a husband, the chief of staff, to be here among so many of the real thing. >> you spent the whole weekend and i heard about you guys hitting the parties and stuff like that. what do you make of this? are people getting a little too cozy here? you play a reporter. but reporters, journalists, politicians, the whole thing. >> it's one weekend. it's one weekend where i think the press and politics and hollywood can come together and in a way, we are all about communication we are all about getting our messages out and we are all about -- there is a lot
4:09 pm
of intersection, i think, in all of those messages. i think it's a natural union of three very important vocal -- >> what is your message? i was talking to cynthia nixon and she had a breakfast. >> i was with her. >> they are talking about gay rights and making sure obama administration is on top of that. >> yes. >> reporter: other people we saw kareem abdul-jabbar wants to bring attention to racism in sports and get over the whole scandal with the clippers. is there something you're focused on? >> listen. lgbt rights are near and dear to my heart. i, like cynthia, was at that breakfast and i think it's important we not get complacent because marriage equality exists in many of our states but it is not yet a fact. i think we have to fight for employment rights and marriage rights across the country for lgbt and for families adoption rights as well. there is a long way to go, i think, to fight for civil
4:10 pm
rights. >> some say we are tag paengs to this is because you guys are here. >> i think that is true of us acting on these shows as well. subversively being a gay man in a marriage on a tv show this is popular scandal we are -- >> i was talking back from breakfast and saw two guys with a baby carriage. your book is, i think the book is "does this baby make me look straight" is something you wrote? >> i didn't hear it. >> don is asking about a book. >> it's called "does this baby make me look straight?" >> i wrote a book called that and i found it does not make me look straight. it's sort of a comedy of my experience as a dad becoming a father and learning what really how all of that unifies everybody, that the one thing that we all have in common as
4:11 pm
parents is that particular crazy neurotic struggle. >> you're in the middle of it. >> and i'm in the middle of it. >> reporter: thank you so much. >> i'm not killed off for that job. >> reporter: you need that job with baby. finally, anybody today you want to meet? did you have dream? >> i would love to meet michelle obama or mr. obama, the president, of course. katie couric was right there and i just had a little nerd attack. i had these geeky like crushes on katie couric and andrea mitchell. holf where the politics meets the media meets hollywood it's going to be a good opportunity. >> reporter: it goes both ways. i'm sure they had crushes on you. >> it was great to talk to you. >> there is katie behind you. say hi to katie. she is right behind you. >> reporter: katie, come on, katie! let's see if we can get katie couric. katie! >> katie is going upstairs. that is all right. they are very busy. who is she talking to? i just saw katie at a nets game.
4:12 pm
>> reporter: she is the first global anchor, don. that is pretty cool. yahoo! news global ank or. >> thank you. great interview with dan. thank you, suzanne. get back to you. my other angel as you see he on the big screen right there is nischelle turner and she is talking to owner very own michelle kosinski and there is a jim acosta. jim! >> reporter: he is acting like you can hear him. they can't hear you, don! >> reporter: that's right. they are not wearing an ear piece. >> reporter: i was gushing about michelle. you know she is new to cnn and i have a little bit of a girl crush on her. so i'm gushing right now because i'm having a bit of a fan girl moment and she is my colleague! she was just saying how it's kind of weird -- >> hang on, guys! hang on! one second. we will get back. tell them don't go anywhere. i'm yelling at you again on the air! suzanne! suzanne! >> reporter: don, so katie has a
4:13 pm
plain. >> say hi to katie. >> is it don lemon. >> reporter: it is don. >> don, i really don't understand why suzanne or suzanne is not here -- you know, at the party having a good time, schmoozing with the president and working the room! you guys have made her stand here and talk to people! what up with that? how are you doing? >> reporter: i'm good. i find this really interesting. global anchor. i don't think there is anybody else who is a global anchor. >> intergalactic anchor. i will be talking to my agent about that. >> reporter: what is your beat? is it like mars? >> it's the globe. it's the world. you know what cnn covers at times. >> reporter: yes. well, you know we cover all of it! but wes are not accepting that and taking that from katie couric. this is great. >> how many does this make for you?
4:14 pm
>> gosh. this is probably my eighth and it's fun for me because i grew up in the washington, d.c. area so what is most fun is to see the crowds outside the hilton because they are so excited to see everyone coming in and, of course, all the tv stars and the like. so it's just fun to be home for me. i got to hang out with my mom today and come to this tonight so it's nice. >> reporter: we all came from channel 4. >> that's right. are you going to be able to stop working and have some fun? >> reporter: yes, i hope so if my bosses are watching and listening, yes. don? >> can you tell her she is a big partier. i saw her at the nets game a couple of weeks ago and they were having a good time on the front row. >> reporter: we saw you partying at the game. nets game. >> oh, that's right. that's right. you have much more important people to interview than me so have fun! >> reporter: so good to see you. >> bye katie and suzanne. we are going back to our very own stars now. there is michelle kosinski and
4:15 pm
jim acosta and nischelle turner. cher still chatting. we are going to go on to break. >> reporter: we are looking at katie so if you're going to break, don, you can do that because we are looking at katie too. >> tell jim it's not the first time i've yelled at him on television and it won't be the last time. >> reporter: don lemon says not the first time he has yelled at you on tv and won't be the last. >> that's right. >> bye, guys. see you soon. we will be right back. a lot of attention.ts nee there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line anytime for 15 bucks a month. low dues... great terms... let's close. new at&t mobile share value plans. our best value plans ever for business.
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i believe in this president. now i know there's some polls out there saying this man has a 32% approval rating but guys like us, we don't pay attention to the polls. we know that polls are just a collection of statistics that reflect what people are thinking in reality! and relate has a well-known liberal bias. so pay no attention to the people who say the glass is half empty because 32% means it's two-thirds empty. there's still some liquid in that glass is my point. but i wouldn't drink it. i stand by this man. i stand by this man because he stands for things. not only for things, he stands on things! things like aircraft carriers and rubble and recently flooded city squares and that sends a strong message that no matter what happens to america, she
4:19 pm
will always rebound with the most powerfully staged photo ops in the world. the greatest thing about this man is he is steady. you know where he stands. he believes the same thing wednesday that he believed on monday. no matter what happened on tuesday. events can change. this man's beliefs never will. ouch. i guess. did you hear the punch line? >> i did. >> what was it? >> it was biting. >> that was part of comedian stephen colbert about roast of george w. bush at the white house correspondents dinner there. his 20-minute speech was so biting. >> listen to you! >> many walked out. the president himself was even reported to be less than thrilled by colbert's remarks. it was probably why it's still considered one of the most meshlable and boldest speeches
4:20 pm
of the event. this is my sixth year, i think, anchoring our coverage here. do you think that colbert was too funny then or was too snarky? >> six years, it means you weren't invited to the correspondents dinner. >> wow! maybe you should be hosting tonight, mark! >> wait a minute! let me set the record straight here. as a matter of fact i was invited but because hi to do this i did not go and i was invited to speak on the atlantic about lgbt issues so take that. >> i don't buy it. look. i think it was funny. the fact that george bush was a little uncomfortable means he is too sensitive. the whole point is to make jokes and now you'll hear the same thing. a lot of jokes and some hurtful and not make fun of people that died in a plane crash. we might make fun of how the media covered it. we will be making fun of fox news and the republican party and the president. we make fun of the republicans.
4:21 pm
that is what it's all about. it's funny! >> did george w. bush or whoever walked out, did they forget their senses of humor? listen. some of the jokes about president obama, i mean, they have been hilariously mean and rude, but i think it's funny. >> i think it's funny, but i also think colbert was trying to kind of make a point that i'm here and this is who i am. i think he was basically purposely trying to make that beyond his resume. >> he got the last laugh. >> he went -- i mean, he went after george bush that night and if you're going to do it to obama on the same level, i would be shocked if people didn't walk out as well. i think -- >> oh, ben! >> okay, in the future. >> have you washed -- ben, have you watched the white house correspondents dinner? >> yes, yes! i, like you, were not invited the last six years. but i did watch it, okay? so, you know, i think you got to be careful that you don't cross the line because it is the president of the united states of america. he is sitting right next to you
4:22 pm
just two seats down and i'll put it this way. >> that is what makes it awesome! >> yes! >> i would be impressed but i don't think i have the guts to do it against obama. >> look. it's been six years and i wish i could remember the jokes against obama. many times the producer in my ear and at the desk sitting here going, ouch! he was terrible! the obamacare jokes, come on. >> obamacare. the economy. there are certain things -- like i don't think anybody made birth jokes. >> no, he made birther joke! >> he made the birther joke. it's funny. >> stand by. stand by. in the past, presidents would typically offer self-deprecating jokes. this is what just happens to be on the prompter. president obama did that too. until 2011 he came equipped with plenty of zingers like this one directed at donald trurmp who ws fresh off president obama's birther. that is in the prompter. take a listen.
4:23 pm
we didn't put it here to get you. ♪ ♪ fight for the rights of every man ♪ >> everybody, please have a seat. no one is happier. no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donald. and that is because he can finally get back to focussing on the issues that matter, like did we fake the moon landing? what really happened in roswell? and where are biggie and tupac? >> and i don't know if you remember, but i think it was last year when they opened up with the video and it was the "lion king" and obama as the baby and there were -- you know, africa men. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> it's all -- >> hey, any time you can take a
4:24 pm
shot at donald trump that is probably the most fan points i've ever had of obama since he has been president. i was rooting for him then to destroy the domed because he was in the room and it was amazingly awkward for donald trump. i actually really like the president and i wish he would have kept going another three or four minutes on the donald and i don't think you'll see him sitting front row this year, i can promise you that. >> you probably won't. what i love about this you get to hear what is in the president's mind all year. he is sitting at home with michelle somewhere making the same jokes about donald trump or fox news or whoever. i love this because you know what is inside of people's heads without the political correctness. i don't think who does it tonight will go too far including the president himself. i think everyone is fair game. >> called a sense of humor. you have to laugh at yourself. how many airplane jokes do you think we will get? >> 74! it's top of the list. everybody who comes up will make a cnn joke. >> it's hard but still 329
4:25 pm
people we don't know what happened to because they are dead. we are a debbie downer. >> you are. thanks for being the buzz killer. that was good. in quitting [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix varenicline is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced the urge for me to smoke. it actually caught me by surprise. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking, or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental-health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop chantix and see your doctor right away, as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood-vessel problems or if you develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping, and unusual dreams. i did not know what it was like to be a nonsmoker,
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4:28 pm
comcast business built for business. okay. so we are back! we are having such a great time here tonight. usually, i come out of a commercial break and there are words that go up on the screen and this says ad-lib special coverage of the white house correspondents dinner! so i'm ad-libbing our coverage of the white correspondents dinner and we will talk about what is on the menu now. joining me now is a food babe would calls herself that. bonnie harry and she calls herself that. what is on the menu? what are they eating tonight, bonnie? >> well, the first course, we have a salad here and then the second course has, you know, the
4:29 pm
typical filet mignon. the real question here is what is being served here? is it organic? is it nongmo? are these local products. >> bonnie! >> yes! >> really? you're going to go there? >> yes! >> that is really too much hollywood for washington! that is too much we want organic chicken and we have to have our green drink! >> i surveyed real people here. over 500,000 fans on my facebook page. i asked them if you were in charge what would you serve at this dinner? these are the responses i got back. hot dog soup. mayonnaise sandwich. a bowl of sardines and sauteed with canola oil. these are the responses from the american people. they are very upset at the lack of food policy in this country and they realize that obama has really sold us out when it comes to our food policy and so we
4:30 pm
would like to see things change. we want him to keep his promises and people are upset. >> okay. vani, we will let you go there. but the first lady that is all she talks about is green stuff. personally here is the thing. i think most people in their personal lives every day, you know, lunch, dinner, whatever, they try to eat healthy. when you go to a restaurant having worked in a restaurant, you don't want people going in and listen, can you do this without butter and i don't want assault on this. you want to relax. it's a restaurant. >> it's not about eating healthy, don. it's about eating real food and that is the majority of foods at the grocery store have all been genetically engineered and processed food and trillion dollar food industry. >> vani, we love you. >> if it tastes good, i will eat it! >> we love you, vani, but tonight is about comedy and having fun. so relax a little bit.
4:31 pm
we are at the white house correspondents dinner. people are gorging themselves and drinking wine and eating dinner and with the president and with their senators and congressmen. >> okay, fine. >> here is the first course. what is that? poached pear with -- your tv at home is bigger than mine. i can barely see this. st. pete's bay blue cheese. petite salad and candied pecans and dried cranberries and served with white wheat and sourdough rolls and flatbreds. you don't like that, vani? >> there is no msg tonight. that is the one tweet. she will be happy about that. someone just tweeted, look. just tell her there is no msg at the dinner and she will be fine and everybody chill out, right? >> let's look at the enflay. th -- entree.entree.
4:32 pm
that sounds real good to me, man. >> i bet you it's like this big. >> seasonal vegetables to include asparagus and carat and sunburst and roasted pepper. that sounds good. i'm hungry. >> it does sound good but i, obviously, want to know is it from the bush ranch? where is this meat coming from? i'd like to know. >> i doubt this meat is coming from the bush ranch at an obama event but anyone way ways. here is the dessert. chocolate dipped strawberriestr. that is not my favorite. >> what? >> sorted mousse. >> go ahead, big boy. >> i'm a little disappointed. you don't like strawberries and chocolate? that is almost un-american! >> no. i like french fries. >> what would you sub it with?
4:33 pm
>> i would put the menu back up and let me finish and i'll tell you. so let's see. mousse lollipops and chocolate pyramid glazed peanut cocoa butter glaze. i would have the last one. chocolate pyramid whatever. i don't know. i don't know what i would put with it. a pecan pie or chocolate brownie with al amode. >> you leave hungry. everything is so small. >> the producer was handing me the menu and i was trying to read it off that little screen. sorry. wine is francisco napa valley. >> don, a lot of people don't know this but wine actually could have gmo yeast in it too. i just want people to know this
4:34 pm
is a possibility so twher drith are drinking the wine. >> we need to bring her with us. a weight loss program. take her with you when you order and you'll never buy anything on the menu. >> i love you, vani, but i'm not taking you to dinner with me. >> come on, don! next week, come on. >> i had the most amazing dinner last night. it was so good. the guy was like would you like to lick the plate? we will be right back. >> i love licking plates when it's good organic food. honestly, i'm pouring everything i have into this place. that's why i got a new windows 2 in 1. it has exactly what i need for half of what i thought i'd pay. and i don't need to be online for it to work. it runs office, so i can do schedules and budgets and even menu changes. but it's fun, too --
4:35 pm
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4:37 pm
the prerace favorite the horse you see pulling away california chrome won the kentucky derby. our anchor for cnn is at the cnn winning post out there. she joins us now from churchill down. wow. exciting! >> reporter: yeah. wow, don. it really was such a dominant performance from this horse. favorites don't win the derby that often but this horse he really lived up to all of the hype and all of the expectation. he got a beautiful ride from his joique victor espinoza who is actually having his second win in the race having won it in 2002. for the trainer art sherman his first reason in the race and at age 77 he is the oldest trainer to win the kentucky derby. better for the owners they turned down multimillion dollar sums for this horse earlier on in the week and in its preparation and now they go into the other two races of the triple crown with really, really good hope. >> all right.
4:38 pm
we appreciate you. congratulations to california chrome and we are covering not only that, but the white house correspondents dinner and we will get to it right after this. ♪
4:39 pm
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4:41 pm
because you know how he does his prime time. >> that is so diva. >> i went to put his sunday go to meeting clothes because we are about to be live and giving everyone an inside look at the white house correspondents dinner. i am told we have the pool cameras up and we will take you inside. you have been coming to what affect iio affectionately called the nerd prom. >> i was doing news in washington. it was a very uncomfortable comfortable with don imus there. it's just a chance everybody to laugh and relax, the whole thing. >> that is what we are going to do for about three hours tonight. laugh, relax, and bring you the dinner and all its purest form. suzanne, don, and myself when we come back after the break. stay with us. b 'cause he studied all the right courses from the get-go. and that's an accountant, a mom, a university of phoenix scholarship recipient,
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now you could have done it twice. this is awkward. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. you're looking the live side of the room in washington, d.c. at the hilton at the white house correspondents dinner and there you see some of the folks who are -- who are there inside. if the president tufs job in washington is telling jokes at the white house correspondents dinner has to be the second hardest. joe mckale is the latest to take on this job. have you to be funny. you have to be a little risque, right?
4:45 pm
but if you go too far, you'll never have lunch in that town again. last year, it was conan o'brien's turn to do it. and this year -- the year before that, another late night host was jimmy kimmel and in 2011, seth myers. on "snl" he was then on slnel a "saturday night live" and then took on after that, was jay leno and then wanda sykes. >> you're probably known, at least among a certain audience, for making fun of kim kardashian more than john boehner. >> ah, yeah. >> so how does unprepare for the white house correspondents dinner? you just watched c-span. >> i won't do any jokes. strict strictly to ckardashian
4:46 pm
and a lot of single mom stuff on mtv and i think this crowd will get it. >> you think this crowd watches that? >> definitely. i think everyone can relate universal watching the housewives of los angeles. don't you think? >> no. >> i'm sure by marc lamont hill. you're a white house correspondents dinner correspondent? >> indeed. >> i cannot get my bow tie tied at a break but i will work on that. hopefully, mchale was better material for tonight. he joins me and ben ferguson, along with politico reporter hadash gold. ladies and gentlemen what do you expect from mchale? first to you, miss gold. >> i would like to say, don, you look great. your clothes even with the bow tie untied, it looks great. i think joel will have a lot of fun. i think he'we will see a pretty
4:47 pm
easy going speech this year. i don't think he will be like colbert did to george bush in 2006. i think he will have fun poking fun of the celebrities. he is used to that. i think we will have so much fun. i love his show "the soup" so i'm excited to see his speech. >> i was wondering. is mchale a stand-up comedian but he is more of a sketch guy and he does. i looked at his background. he has comedic abilities. >> i think sketch people do better than the other people if you look at colbert in 2006, that is exactly what you saw. he's not a stand-up but his material was awesome. again, they have a team of writers that help with this. i think he is going to be awesome and i think he is going to say make fun of the president and lots of cable news jokes and pop music jokes and kardashians are fair game and "12 years a slave" reference to that. >> is this a no-win proposition? this is a really tough crowd.
4:48 pm
colbert you said he got hit but i think he got the last laugh and taking over "late night" on cbs. >> if you've done the white house correspondents dinner, that means you made it. that is what he is going to look at as this opportunity. but if you've ever watched him on "e slam" his jokes are hyste. not because he is stating the obvious but he has the intelligence to connect dots and look at these people for what they are. i think he feels really comfortable in this crowd. i doubt he is nervous at all. i have a friend of mine has worked with him in the past and you don't understand. he walks into these type of rooms with these people and politicians and his i.q. is on par with a lot of theirs. that is what a lot of people may not realize about him. he is actually a brilliant guy and i think he is going to have quite a few up his sleeve and do really well with the audience
4:49 pm
minus the person that is the object of the joke at that moment. kind of like what we saw with donald trump and barack obama. i think you'll see that humor tonight and i bet you he does a pretty good job. >> you think so? >> yeah. >> all right. hadash, i don't know if you can see the monitor. >> that is impressive. >> how did i do? >> my brother, it's not bad. >> you did not get what he said! >> that was really funny. >> he is asking me if -- i have a final call for you. where is it? bean pie. he is saying i look like a member of the nation of islam. that is okay. i like them i live on 123rd street and they are always at the 125th street stop and i buy my final call. >> i buy the final call? >> the final call today. the one that they were selling was about torture in america. american prisoners. >>
4:50 pm
was? on 25th street. >> bow ties and a final call. get your money dollar bill, y'all. >> yo! >> okay! >> get out of here! >> you're blacker than i thought! >> so, listen, i agree with you, ben, about joe mchale. i had the luxury or the honor to interview him. and he was actually really bright and quite nice. so i think that he will do well tonight, and it will be, again, a break from the traditional. who do you think is the most memorable host, do you think, ben? >> oh, gosh. i have to admit, i think that when you had jay leno, you could tell, he was so relaxed, when he did it, that i look at him, and plus, this is a big year for leno going away. it immediately comes to mind, because he just has that presence. and he -- >> just laughed at himself. >> and you watch him and get into him. because he is funny, and you can tell when he's about to crack himself up. i always like that, with comedians. when you know that they know they're being funny and you're
4:51 pm
responding to it and they've got that kind of chuckle that leno had. and i think that's why so many of you watched him when he was number one for so long. >> and all the conservatives like him. >> that's why ben like his him. >> we had a story not too long too about the politics of late-night tv. and jay leno is when they feel most comfortable. it makes sense that ben likes jay. >> you look very nice. i like the gold necklace. are you going to some of those parties? >> i am. i chose you over some of those parties, so you should feel very lucky. >> you're testing me. remember the story i did on hip hop. do you know where i got that story from "the final call." nobody got mad at "the final
4:52 pm
call," but they got mad at me. >> they taking a pass. >> they're looking at us like, what are they talking about? >> they're like, "final call," i don't understand. >> this is inside. >> don, can we clarify one thing. can you prove to everyone that this is not a clip-on bow tie that you have? >> it took him two hours -- >> i want to make sure when the camera wasn't looking, that you tied that sucker. i want to make sure you didn't -- >> ben, i promise you. it took him 25 minutes, four breaks. >> i tried to do it in a three-minute break and i couldn't, because i had to put everything on, and i did it while i was sitting here talking to you. >> without a mirror. it was actually impressive. >> anyway, they're, like, what are you talking about? inside black humor continues right after this. ♪ (woman) this place has got really good chocolate shakes. (growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah.
4:53 pm
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4:56 pm
we're covering the white house correspondents' dinner. helping me out is our political commentator, mark lamont hill. also ben ferguson joining us as well. ben is not in washington. ben, where are you? dallas? >> dallas. i think next year, we should all wear bow ties and do this at the correspondents' dinner, by the red carpet. what do you think? >> okay. >> i plan on being inside next year, i'm just saying. >> that's almost like -- hey, don, that's almost like getting to go for the next six years, right? >> yes, thank you, ben! you guys didn't tell me that hadas gold was back with us as well. >> hi! >> i'm sorry. she forewent -- can you say that? no. she didn't go to a party because of us. so she came. so, listen, hang on, guys. you know, over the years, we have seen some hilarious and memorable moments from the dinner, like in 2005, this was laura bush when she gave w. the business. >> i said to him the other day, george, if you really want to end tyranny in the world, you're going to have to stay up later.
4:57 pm
9:00, mr. excitement here is sound asleep. and i'm watching "desperate housewives." ladies and gentlemen, i am a desperate housewife. one night, after george went to bed, lynne cheney, condi rice, karen hughes and i went to chip n dales. i won't tell you what happened, but lynn's secret service code name is now dollar bill. >> hadas gold is here with us from politico. ben ferguson and mark lamont hill. she was really good. i remember that year. >> yeah, first ladies tend to be kind of funnier than the president, a lot of the times. she was fantastic that year. and i really hope that michelle obama gets a few jokes in this year as well. >> you think, the first lady, she hasn't really said anything
4:58 pm
over the years. i don't remember her, she cracked a couple little jokes, but not a lot. >> she's done some other stuff where it's funny. the funny is the irony between being the serious first lady and completely letting loose. laura bush making a chip n dale's joke. >> i can't believe she did that. i'm surprised they didn't walk out. how dare she do that to the president? >> trust me, i guarantee that was vetted in his office before she said it that night. michelle obama is probe going to do the same thing. but i hope michelle comes up there tonight and talks about, do you remember when we had the mic and the president was asked about smoking, and he said, do you know who i'm married to? right there, you could have like 20 jokes in a row that michelle could talk about, managing the president of the united states and his smoking or other habits that she doesn't like. so, she's got a decent writer, they could have a lot of fun with those. >> and sometimes the facial expressions of the first ladies are even funnier than any jokes they might make. you know, the camera trained on all of these people and the way
4:59 pm
they'll react to a certain joke, like donald trump last time was just the best. >> let's listen to bill clinton now, and he talks about how lonely he is. >> being i. you sunk my battleship. yes! >> i want to thank the academy for this tremendous honor. this may be the greatest moment of my life. i mean, ever since i was a little boy, i've wanted to be a real actor. >> all right, so, we are back
5:00 pm
and i'm sitting here because mark lamont hill got up and left me. and joining us, our tech guy who's going to join us for the top of the hour. a final thought from you, miss gold, before we go? >> i'm really excited to see the great speeches we have tonight. i'm interested to see how much obama skewers himself. he tends to make superficial jokes about himself. george w. bush was known for skewering himself, how people thought he was dumb or something, so he played along with it. i hope obama goes for himself really deeply this year. >> all right, guys, thank you, everyone. appreciate it. i'm don lemon, our special coverage from the white house correspondents' dinner continues. tonight, the stars are out in washington, d.c.. >> this is a hollywood crowd. >> it's the most glamorous event of the year in the nation's capitol. >> it's so fun to
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